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Secured for life.
With done.


Our mission

Instead of yesterday's concepts, we rely on mathematics, market research and common sense. 


The age at which disability insurance is taken out is 30 for men and 28 for women. According to the Association of German Insurers, occupational disability occurs on average at the age of 47.


Our market research has shown that employees want insurance that covers major losses and offers a fair price/performance ratio.


We have developed Salary Protect based on these facts.


At this point, you may be wondering why we can offer a fair price/performance ratio.


Because we focus on the occupational disability risk without combining it with other solutions (e.g., life insurance), so you only pay the risk premium for your specific needs! Furthermore, we work with deductibles (on average 6 months) to limit the cover to relevant claims and are free of legacy burdens and high internal costs (e.g., commissions).

Our goal

We secure income!

Disability is not uncommon and does not affect a marginalized group. Statistically, a quarter of German employees will sooner or later become unable to work
— Tendency: strongly increasing. 

The causes of this are rarely accidents but instead mostly common illnesses such as back pain, mental illnesses or nervous disorders. 

Nevertheless, many believe that disability does not impact them: We all feel secure. But this is a mistake. 95% of the population is not adequately insured. 

Consumer advocates and insurance experts therefore agree: alongside liability and health insurance, disability insurance is the most important policy of all. 

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Our story

We founded it's done in Hamburg in 2022 as an insurance company and launched our first product, Salary Protect, onto the market together with our partners (Lloyds, Miller Insurances).

What sets us apart?

We are a family business, our managing directors have worked in the insurance industry for decades as insurers, reinsurers, and brokers and in combination with our innovation board, we are deliberately positioned to be complementary in order to be able to cover the attributes of innovation and user experience in addition to experience.

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